Nurture Nature Global

(Manuj Bhardwaj, 18 Oct 2017)

Nurture Nature Global (NNG) works with a basic motive of healing and protecting Mother Earth. NNG aims to develop integrated and inclusive solutions for preserving and conserving nature’s true identity.


Further it aims to develop the scope of understanding how a nature deterministic society works: To promote and to support various government and private institutions and other bodies’ policies, strategies and programmes that in one way or the other makes the green planet greener and a better place to breathe in. We also work on educating the Indian community about the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly goals no. 13, 14, 15 and 17. We focus on educating rural populations as well as city dwellers, and support them in understanding the best ways to contribute through their efforts to achieve the SDGs.

India is a country of many religions and cultures, and is well-known for its vast diversity. To that effect we have many festivals that are celebrated across the year. This was the trigger that started the “Nurture Nature – Be the Change, Bring the Change” event and the question arose in our minds, “why don’t we celebrate climate awareness as a festival?”

That turned into one of the India’s first ever climate awareness festival week from 21st October 2016 to 25th October 2016. The response was so good, we were able to reach more than 15,000 people across India in 13 states and 2 Union Territories and near about 480 volunteers and coordinators helped to make this week a success. Seeing that inspired us to make it the organisation into a permanent thing and that is how Nurture Nature Global – The NGO came into existence.

Before actually explaining my role in the organization I would first like to give you a glimpse of the structure of the organization, the Banyan Tree. Just like each branch of the banyan tree becomes a tree, we are aiming to spread the branches of this tree globally and spread the green love. As the seed of the banyan tree I want my tree to be as big as it could be. The structure of the banyan tree i.e. its trunk, roots, branches and seeds best describes the primary construction of Nurture Nature Global.

As far as my particular role is concerned, I am the Founding Advisor of the NGO and advise in strategies and planning for various projects. I also coordinate the NGO’s work globally and meet government officials regarding the work of NGO and provide knowledge support on ways to tackle climate change.

As a part of NNG family I want to see the environmentalists of the entire globe to be a part of our banyan tree. I desire to see NNG grow and benefit the planet as a whole. Seeing everybody on earth with a tree in their hands is what we are aiming at.

In the coming years we want to spread the network of Nurture Nature Global to cope up with new challenges we will face. We are planning to come up with solutions that would involve scientific technologies making the work more effective and are also in the process of turning ourselves into an authoritative body after consultations with Government to rank the Businesses and MNCs in India on the standards of being a ‘Sustainable & Environmental Friendly Business’.

This experience is really enriching and helped me to meet brilliant people who are using new and different ways to tackle climate change. It has helped me to learn what policies a government should have in terms of protecting environment and if in future we are having any course/ tutorial on Climate Change Policies this experience is going to help me by providing multiple ways of formulating a right policy for a country.




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