The MPP Programme at Maastricht Graduate School of Governance and UNU – MERIT & The DEMOS Study Association

The M.Sc. in Public Policy and Human Development (MPP) trains students to become professionals and researchers in policy analysis, risk assessment, policy design, policy monitoring, policy evaluation and methods and techniques of policy research. The programme emphasises the connection between public policy and decision-making processes, or more specifically, the effectiveness and efficiency of governance. Students are equipped with a variety of skills, tools and knowledge which enable them to work as policy designers and policy analysts. They are capable of working within public and private institutions at local, national and international levels.

The programme consists of two semesters. The first is the same for all students and focuses on the theories and practice of governance and policy analysis. During the second semester, students choose from several specializations:

  • Social Protection Policy Design and Financing (in co-operation with the ILO)
  • Foreign Policy and Development
  • Migration Studies
  • Risk and Vulnerability (in co-operation with UNU-EHS)
  • Regional Integration & Multi-Level Governance (in co-operation with UNU-CRIS)
  • Innovation, Institutions & Development

In addition to giving students a sound theoretical foundation, there is a strong emphasis on skills. Students will conduct their own research, apply policy analysis tools and receive practical training in negotiation and crisis management. The fall semester prepares students to conduct detailed analyses of the issues that will be covered in the specializations.

More information can be found on the programme’s website.




The Demos Study Association is the study association of the students of the M.Sc. in Public Policy and Human Development at the United Nations University MERIT / Maastricht University. Together we organize events designed to strengthen student bonds and reflect critically on current public policy issues. Events range from workshops, potluck dinners, attending public lectures and international trips.

DemosPeepsThe Demos Board 2017-2018

President: Kara Norton
Vice President: Antoine Lemonnier
Treasurer: Shashank Neelagiri
Secretary: Dewy Dagnaiux
Activities Co-Ordinator: Marieke Schulte
Media Officer: Sten Ritterfield
Communications Officer: Zoë Ogahara